Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two Thousand Eleven

I’m posting photos from a winter foray because the recent painting are “undone and burned”! But look what I gleamed this year as a photographer, attempting to become an encaustic painter:

Big is better.

I what to do more painting, then scraping, which is a drag, all that removal only severs me as a correction to failures, if that.

Abstracts appear to be the easy way out, but in reality it’s just the opposite.

It’s ok to paint from a reference photo, especially one of your own.

Subject matter and technique are twin evils to wrestle with daily, content is still in the wings.

What looks good today might not tomorrow and vice versa.

The act of going out “shooting” will always have a huge “fun” factor in it, a thrill that’s hard to find in a static studio.

I love the torch, playing with fire feels so risky.

Still hate acrylic.

Tempted by oil, but would miss the torch.

Happy Two Thousand Eleven!


  1. These are beautiful!!
    nice shots

  2. Beautiful photos.... I'm not an acrylic fan either, but I LOVE oil... However, I don't have a thing for the torch so I don't know what I'm missing! There is a particular sensuality to the smooth glide of oil on a well prepared surface, maybe my element is water while yours is fire!

  3. Super captures! Look at it this way,,,,if you ever throw in the old torch you can always be a professional photographer in real life too:)
    Happy New Year! One of your quiet Feedburner fans:)

  4. Yep, I agree. Your photography can stand on it's own two feet. But the encaustic work is way cool too!

  5. JB, birds on wire for YOU!
    Valrianna, I love the idea of having an Element-and never ever thought about it, so thanks-it's fire!
    Cynthia, maybe go back to editorial......
    Roberta, thanks, let 'm stand along for a while!

  6. Ahhh...
    you remember..... Thanks