Thursday, May 6, 2010

Painting, Palette, Photograph

Were all related here, right? I had never printed the marshy image, but kept thinking about it, for years actually. So yesterday I found it, printed it and did the painting today, another of those studies. I bravely went larger to 12x19. The "abstract" came at the end, I was about to clean the palette-it was glowing in the sunshine, made a few strokes and I sorta love it! I tend to spend a lot of time in my head thinking about painting, rather then doing it. So I set myself a goal to explore a bunch of genres, and see what resinates. Starting with the landscape, then maybe the "beautiful surface", forget the figure, at least for now. Abstract is calling, the real calling is color, the mixing and moving and transformations.

Publishing-worlds apart

Now, the latest in self publishing: MagCloud, they print your magazine for 20 cents a page, and you can put it up for sale on their site (if you want to, I didn't). This is my latest promo. A friend-thank you- helped me design it last week, got the proof a few days ago, it looked great, copies are ordered. All said and done in a week.