Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hubble Inspiration

Is the journey to abstraction through a realistic door? Are all those Hubble space shots REAL? Spirial galaxy M74 is my fav and the inspiration to this new direction. This beautiful mystery is suddenly seductive to me and I want to somehow paint this reaction. Not a literal galaxy but something expansive and alive. I’m still working towards it. Stages of an internal evolution to abstraction……


  1. Greetings dear Thea,

    It has been far to long since I last visited and I see that since you have produced much beautiful new work.

    I particular like you traveling down this road of abstractions based on reality. It reminds me of what I recently posted to The Artist Within Us.

    Coming this spring, I would like it very much if we could meet at your studio.

    Warmest regards this holiday season,
    Miss Kitty (my companion) and I, Egmont

  2. I am quite similarly drawn to think about such things so I appreciate your process and these works and where that is taking you. Lovely blog!

  3. Sophie,
    Thanks, it must be the mystery that were searching for?