Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Souls Door

Any creative endeavor is channeled,

whether it be music or art or

theoretical science. We have the

capacity to tune in to energies

and convert them into reality

for ourselves.

Frank Alper

In Memory of Ira Wolk whose love of art made it a reality for us all.


  1. Thea....
    these are beautiful!
    The bottom two are really great, you know we never tire of a "bird on a wire"

  2. Wonderful work... I very much like the second one... looking through the scrim of branches, but then I really like the birds, too!

  3. Ah, thank you both, those birds on a wire started to hold such strong symbolism. Leaving us, looking on, separated, watching over......the whole series has blossomed into a small book! Ira was the best gallery owner I ever worked with for, nearly 18 years!

  4. just exquisite a nice memorial for your friend

  5. 逛到您的部落格讓我忍不住停下來!期待您的新文章!! ..................................................

  6. On dit que les oiseaux se cachent pour mourir. Pour vivre, aussi. Ils sont présents, chantant et invisibles, ou bien en vue et regardant calmement le monde agité des humains. Les représenter, les peindre, les photographier, les protéger, c'est leur montre combien on les aime, c'est dire au monde qui les néglige : le jours où il n'y aura plus d'oiseaux sur la planète, il n'y aura plus d'êtres humains.


  7. These are just wonderful, the birds on wires...love 'em.
    That sounds like a fantastic show, how I'd love to see an encaustic show!