Thursday, May 6, 2010

Publishing-worlds apart

Now, the latest in self publishing: MagCloud, they print your magazine for 20 cents a page, and you can put it up for sale on their site (if you want to, I didn't). This is my latest promo. A friend-thank you- helped me design it last week, got the proof a few days ago, it looked great, copies are ordered. All said and done in a week.


  1. Lovely post cards great subject congrats

  2. I love the idea of self publishing. It opens up a whole new world. And I would enjoy seeing your work. I like the affordability of a book of an artist's work.
    Your post card book is rich. Thanks Thea.

  3. OH, do a magazine and we can all trade! Mine cost less then 5 bucks!!

  4. Dear Thea,

    Congratulations on the Chronicle Books publication, especially since 2009 publishing took a huge hit.

    I too like the idea of self publishing and yours looks fantastic. I wish you would share with us the multiple pages and not just the cover.

    Warmest regards,

  5. insparere! your excited by the idea of self-publishing....joys.