Friday, January 1, 2010

Modern Technology at its Finest

Ok, the Hawk and power lines are only symbolic, but maybe not, did the hawk play a part in relaying my pixels to another country? Here is the real story: I took some mother/daughter portraits of friends a few days ago, less then 24 hours later I got the note below, ya got to love it!

Dear Thea
Thank you for a great picture of Adriana and me. I already sent it to my parents and my mom called me today and she printed it out and its already in the frame in her kitchen in SLOVENIA. Talk to you soon


  1. Happy New Year !!!

    2010 New Year's Fireworks show

  2. Now there's a bird on a wire
    Happy New Year!
    really enjoy your work, thanks for your comments

  3. you're's the hawk!
    i don't know how you found me, but i'm happy you did, and i have one more thing to add to my long gratitude list: your blog.
    i've just looked through all your postings, and your site is moving, beautiful, and helpful to me.
    i'm so curious about photography that leads to painting or encaustic work together. time to stop thinking and begin exploring that.
    love your tips, like checking the camera settings and time of day, the artist dates (which i've just set up with a friend for fridays), and countless others.
    thanks for finding me and my "humble offerings"=from leonard cohen's Anthem.
    all the best, and i shall return, neva

  4. Neva,

    Thanks for looking, I found you via texture shapes and color blog, she has that wonderful blog roll (need to figure out how to do that), now back to painting or...pixels.