Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black and White

Almost overnight about 8 years ago I stopped shooting black and white. It was as if I woke up to color, I'd been living in a sepia or hand-colored world my whole life. Except for a portrait here or there I don't find the monotone work very enthralling anymore. These are actually color shots in winter. The simplicity of the imagery got me.


  1. all about strong line,
    the power in that flight.

    your camera loves winter. breaking it down. nice.

  2. Greetings Thea,

    Thank you for sharing your images with us and they are very fitting for this time of year.

    I personally like B/W photography and I would like to suggest that if you decide to return to doing B/W, that you consider duo-tomes photos. The difference of a secondary warm tone provides greater depth and a nice transition between the cool black and white.

    Thank you for sharing,

  3. Beautiful! I especially love the composition of the first one. Winter is a great time to get out and shoot. Thanks!

  4. Thank you all for the suggestions and compliments, Winter light can't be beat, you can shoot ALL day long, angling perfectly on your subject. I'm finding it wonderfully distracting! I think there is more black and white ahead, and thats OK.

  5. Even the Thrush looks black and white, but I know she is hiding her brilliant orange. I love the starkness of winter images - down to the bones, the essence.

  6. I adore what you say here. almost overnight I stopped, I woke up. Ah. a moment in which you became enlightened. a breakthrough of sorts. how i long for such a moment in my life. of course changes happen slowly sometimes and what appears to be instant might have taken a long slow transition in coming. but still....

  7. I really enjoy these, the black and white is so striking. Thank you.