Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cloud Larkspur

These tiny flowers are a new addition to the L'antiquite' Fleurit series. They were grown by Good Humus Farm in Capay Valley California. Thank you Jeff and Annie!

Red-winged Blackbird, East and West Coast

Savannah Wildlife Refuge, South Carolina, March 2009
Grizzy Island Wildlife Refuge, California, April 2009

According to the Cornell wed site, male Red-winged Blackbirds will do "everything they can to get noticed", thus I was able to take some pictures without the proper lens and patience!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Painted Leaf Series:23x70

Painted Leaf Series in Progress

The leaf series in progress.  I do the encaustic painting in a former green house, more charming then practical.  It can be way to cold, way to hot, some days just right.  San Francisco, being fairly moderate works for me, if I time my painting right, and the light can't be better!
The smaller painting on the top are 16x16, I work this size or smaller first off to work out the details and colors, then move on to the larger size, in this case 23x23.

Faith and Will

This book cover was designed by Nita Ybarra, who I've worked with on many books over the years.  The photo was re-created just for this book from my stock collection.  

Do you practice the "Artist Date"?  Julia Cameron made this idea famous in her book "The Artist's Way".   For over 15 years I have regular art dates sometimes with friends, or alone.  It's become an essential part of my life.  So thank you Julia.