Friday, December 11, 2009

Warbler of Hope

January is usually the time I have a full blown "crisis of subject matter". This year I'm being proactive and starting a new series now, not really new, just more focused: Birds, birds in the landscape, maybe birds in flight, birds on bare January branches, easy to spot! A longer lens was a must and it's so fun. I was so happy to read Joanne Mattera's blog on Art Miami: Are We Out of the Woods? So much tree art out there (was always my favorite subject matter).


  1. I don't get into my studio in Dec. but I do like your subject matter and often include birds- crows- or nests or tree branches into my work as well.

  2. Thea -- Thanks for visiting my haiku blog! I find that birds -- perhaps through their undaunted cheerfulness in the midst of winter -- warm one's spirit!