Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Drinkers of the Wind, new book and show by Susan Friedman

Susan and I meet at the San Francisco Art Institute when we both went there in the '80's. She is a true Renaissance Woman when it comes to art: from the series "Woman in the Landscape", numerous films, and always, always animals. She has a love and way with animals that shines in this new show and book.

The wind-spout gathered itself into a prancing horse; hence the old bedouin name for a horse, 'Drinker of the Wind.'

"I am interested in Arabian horses or authentic horses, by that I mean horses that come from the original source, since they are considered the fountainhead of all the world’s breeds and are also the most ancient of all the equine races. The book combines the misty landscapes with myths and legends and the spirit of the Arab horse."

Susan Friedman, November 2009

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