Saturday, September 26, 2009

From The Archive

Archiving, it's the most glamorous word I can come up with: the emotionally painful process of going through nearly 30 years worth of work and 25 years of being in business. Last week my former darkroom was "gutted', no tears shed, I haven't used it as a darkroom in at least 6 years, just an encaustic storage area. It will be remodeled to store the "Archives". It would be so much more fun to ride that wave of creative inspiration forever and never look back, which I managed to do for all these years. The upper photo is from circa 1990, hand colored silver gelatin print taken with the Widelux, how I loved that format. Below is the same southern location done circa 2009. The panoramic will be forever in me, just in a different way.


  1. The two images side by side is interesting--- reminds me of the T.S. Eliot quote-- something like we travel and eventually come around full circle to the same place but changed.

  2. Thank you for the quote! Thank goodness were constantly seeing the world anew and in different ways.